Snapchat exceeds Twitter in popularity


Snapchat is currently the third most popular social app among millennials, comScore reports.

The Internet analytics company explains that the overall audience penetration of Snapchat among smartphone users grew from 12.1 per cent in November 2013 to 18 per cent in June 2014. The app has a total 32.9 per cent penetration on young users’ mobile phones and it is only exceeded by Facebook and Instagram. Twitter falls on the fourth spot.

The report shows that Snapchat’s penetration among users aged between 18 and 24 is now around 50 percent, which means that the app is past the critical mass threshold. Another relevant demographic segment which just started to flourish is the one that includes 25 to 34 year olds, which has also reached double-digit penetration.

Andrew Lipsman, comScore VP of Marketing & Insights stated that Snapchat is likely to “evolve beyond its core value proposition” now that it has reached a new threshold. Collaborative “Our Story” feature also helped the app go beyond friend-to-friend photo messaging experience and even appeal to paying clients that wish to reach the Millennial audience.

In February, New York-based company Sumpto revealed that college students are more engaged in Snapchat than in Facebook. After conducting a survey on approximately 2,000 randomly chosen college students from different colleges and universities across the United States, the company concluded that 70 per cent of the respondents post on Snapchat at least once per day, while only 11 per cent choose to post daily updates on Facebook. Snapchat goes further than other messaging apps and allows its users to send texts, record videos and drawings, take photos and send them.

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