Extra Theme Demo Part 2 – Reusing the Demo Layout on Other Websites

After re-creating the Homepage Demo, what we need to do next is to create the Homepage Template so that we may be able to reuse it on other websites.

Exporting the Content

To start with, open the WordPress Dashboard and go to Extra → Category Builder.

Open the Homepage Layout and click on the Save to Library tab.

On the Save To Library popup window, enter the Layout Name (e.g., Extra Theme Homepage Demo) then click on Save.

Next, go to Extra → Divi Library menu.

Here you will find the list of Layouts you have saved to the Library (e.g., Extra Theme Homepage Demo).

Next click on the “Import & Export” button at the top of the page to show the Portability popup window.

On the Portability popup window, make sure you are in the Export tab. Keep the default settings as is and then click on the Export Divi Builder Layouts link.

After that a Divi Builder Layouts.json file will be generated. Make sure you save the file on your computer.

You can now exit the Portability popup window.

The next thing we need to do is export all posts and images we have created previously (on Part 1) so it will automatically populate the data when we start importing the layout.

Go to Tools → Export

Export the following individually:

  • Posts
  • Media

Importing the Content

Now that we have exported all the contents that we needed, we can start importing them on another website.

Log in to the website that you would like to work on.

Posts and Images

First, we would like to import the Posts and Images and other content needed to populate data.

Go to Tools → Import

Under WordPress, click Install Now (if you haven’t installed it yet) then click on Run Importer.

On the Import WordPress page, click on Browse and select the xml file you have exported for Posts. Click on the Upload file and import button.

Under Assign Authors page, select an existing author from the “or assign posts to existing user” option. Click on the Submit button.

After importing the Posts, we will now import the Images.

Go to the Import menu again under Tools.

Click on Browse and select the xml file you have exported for Media.

Under Assign Authors page, select the same author you have assigned for Posts.

Under Import Attachments, make sure you check on Download and import files attachments and then click on the Submit button.

Divi Builder Layout.json

After we have imported all posts and images, we will now import the Extra Theme Homepage Demo layout.

Go to Extra → Divi Builder

Click on the Import & Export button at the top.

Select the Import tab on the Portability popup window.

Select the Divi Builder Layouts.json file you have exported previously and then click on the Import Divi Builder Layouts.

Now you have imported the Extra Theme Homepage Demo Layout.


Next, go to Extra → Category Builder

Edit the default Homepage Layout.

Click on the Load Layout tab.

Under Load Layout window, click on Your Save Layouts tab. Make sure to check on “Replace the existing content with loaded layout” and then click on the Load button.

Click on Update to save the settings of Homepage Layout.

Exporting and Importing Sidebar Widget

Finally, to complete the Homepage Demo, we need to update the Sidebar Widget.

First, you need to install Widget Importer & Exporter plugin (if you don’t have one yet) both on the original site and the site where you will copy the widget.

Exporting Widget

After installing the plugin, go to Tools → Widget Importer & Exporter

On the Widget Importer & Export page, click on the Export Widgets button to generate a .wie file. You will be asked to Save the file.

Importing Widget

After exporting a sidebar widget, log in to the site where you will import the file.

Go to Tools → Widget Importer & Exporter

On the Widget Importer & Export page, click on Browse to select the .wie file you have saved previously.

After the import, it will display the Import Results. Click on the Widgets link to update your Main Sidebar widgets.

After importing new widgets, it will be added to your existing widgets for the same sidebar.

All you need to do is remove the widgets you will not be using.

That’s it! You now have a complete Extra Theme Homepage Demo content.

Notes: If your Posts categories were not loaded properly, just open each posts module from the Category Builder and select the appropriate categories. If you notice some images were broken, all you need to do is open the Post and re-add the Featured Image.

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