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Snapchat exceeds Twitter in popularity

Snapchat is currently the third most popular social app among millennials, comScore reports. The Internet analytics company explains that the overall audience penetration of Snapchat among smartphone users grew from 12.1 per cent in November 2013 to 18 per cent in June 2014. The app has a total 32.9 per cent penetration on young users’ […]

Accused of infecting PCs to mine for Bitcoins, gaming company settles for $1.08m


An online video game company accused of infecting thousands of computers with malicious software and using that access to illegally mine for the electronic currency Bitcoin has agreed to pay a $US1 million ($1.08m) settlement, the New Jersey attorney general’s office said this week. Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman announced the settlement with E-Sports […]

How to Get More People to Engage with Your Email Marketing Campaigns

When I’m reading a good book, I’m susceptible to getting so engrossed in the story I lose track of time. But If I’m reading an article on a computer, tablet or phone, my attention span is that of a … wait, what were we talking about again? But I know I’m in good company. With so much media to take in each day, who has time to read every word? That’s why you should compose your email newsletters and promotions […]

How to Collect Future Users Before an Android App is Launched

Expenses management software company Pocketbook has this week launched an Android app to hundreds of eager users, capitalising on its two-month old iPhone app that has tens of thousands of users already. Co-founder Bosco Tan told StartupSmart requests for an Android version made up a large number of the 50 to 100 pieces of feedback […]

Silicon Valley Partying

Snapchat rejected $3 billion offer These are fabulous times in Silicon Valley. Mere youths, who in another era would just be graduating from college or perhaps wondering what to make of their lives, are turning down deals that would make them and their great-grandchildren wealthy beyond imagining. They are confident that even better deals await. […]